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Ceramic Bridges & Crowns

The Crown and Bridge Dentists at Smiles By Stutman Can Help Restore Your Smile!
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Restore a Natural Smile with Ceramic Crowns and Bridges

Tooth decay and missing teeth can affect more than just your smile and lead to health issues beyond the mouth. At Smiles By Stutman, we specialize in restoring Farmington Hills smiles with ceramic bridges and crowns.

Dental Crowns

Dental crowns are custom-designed “caps” fitted over a damaged or decayed tooth. Ceramic dental crowns are a great option if your tooth is severely damaged by decay or a fracture but does not require removal.

Advantages to dental crowns include:

  • Longevity — Dental crowns are durable enough to last for years and resistant to stains and chips
  • Minimally invasive — A simple process to restore your smile
  • Custom — Designed to fit your smile perfectly
  • Natural — Function and look just like your natural teeth

The process for dental crowns at Smiles By Stutman is simple. Our dentists will prepare your tooth for the crown, and design a custom ceramic crown to fit your exact tooth. Then, the crown will be bonded permanently, resulting in a long-lasting, beautiful restoration.

Dental Bridges

Dental bridges are a permanent solution to replacing a missing tooth. Designed to fill the space between two healthier teeth, ceramic dental bridges leverage the teeth on either side to hold the bridge and keep it in place. Not only does this look natural and beautiful, but it ensures your mouth stays healthy too, by preventing shifting of the other teeth into the empty space.

Advantages to dental crowns include:

  • Unlike dentures which need to be taken out, ceramic bridges are permanent
  • Promotion of healthy gums
  • Durable when properly cared for
  • Prevent bone-loss in your jaw
  • Allows you to use your teeth the way you always have and eat the foods you love!
  • Prevent other teeth from shifting or collapsing into the missing space

Our Philosophy of Care

Smiles By Stutman’s approach to dentistry is centered on providing custom and high-tech care for your entire family. Our patients always come first, and we’re dedicated to meeting your unique needs. We’re proud to offer the most advanced general dentistry services in Farmington Hills.